Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top Ten Web Tools

Top Ten Web Tools listed on this post are ones to check into. While on the site, Ed Tech Toolbox, browse around further to learn of other web tools. Let us know what you find of interest to you in your teaching or that you might recommend to others. 


Creating Animated Pictures

Gickr.com lets you upload a series of pictures and turn them into a quick flicking slide show. I uploaded just two to try out the site.

Here is how the site describes itself:

"Gikr.com lets you instantly create Animated GIF online, free....Just upload pictures or grab them from Flickr. Create funny flashy slideshows with you and your friends, cartoons, previews, banners, etc. Post them anywhere you can post pictures."

Have you used the site? Here is my quick 2-photo animated gif.

gif maker at gickr.com
gif creator


About Me Page

Now that you are on Twitter, your Profile should include a link for others to find out about you. You can add a blog, website, or other information resource. If you don't have a blog or website, I suggest using the About Me site to set up a page you can direct potential followers to for finding out about you. 

Here is an example for a student Ben McNaboe who has joined Twitter.

Ben Naboe About Me


Learn about Students Using Google+ Hangout to Connect with Other Schools

Check this blog post, Google+ Hangout With Four Classes!

to see how schools are now using Google+. Google+ allows students in multiple schools to easily connect via video. Leave a comment at the end of the blog post for the students in the Fifth Grade class to see. Here is a quick image from one of the screens during the Hangout. Also, take some time to post a comment here after you check out the 5th graders' blog post. What do you see as the potential for using Google+ Hangout in the classroom? Are you using Google+ yet? Have you tried a Google+ Hangout? Do you think more teachers should make use of this resource?


Google+ Hangout With Four Classes!


If you don't use SlideShare, I suggest you look into it. You can upload your own slide shows to it as well as find slide shows there to "favorite" and download. Some of the ones you download, you can edit to use for teaching in your own classroom. Others, once saved to your "favorites" and tagged into categories, can be later accessed for showing in your classroom. SlideShare has many benefits. You don't even need an account to browse around to see what is there. But once you discover the advantages of SlideShare, you are likely to open an account. 

Slide shows found on SlideShare can be downloaded and embedded into blogs and websites, as illustrated below. 


Here is another SlideShare I just found, thanks to a tweet. Take a look at it, and let us know what you think.

Note SlideShare has a Search box. Use it to see what you find that is applicable to your teaching needs.  
Do you use SlideShare? Do you use other presentation sharing sites? If you find a slide show in Slide Share that you think you can use in your teaching, let us know.  As one of the first sites online for sharing of slide shows, SlideShare is a leader in the field and has an extensive collection of slide shows. 

Managing Classroom Behavior


I've been hearing a lot recently about a technology tool DoJo for managing student behavior. I was wondering what others thought of the concept. Here is a link to an article to read about DoJo and a direct link to the website for Dojo. Check out what DoJo is, and let us know what you think.

Checking Out DoJo

DoJo: Behavior Management Software

Image credit: http://www.classdojo.com/

More on Texting and Driving

Given the interest in this topic, I decided to post a link to a New York Times article, Teenagers Say Parents Text and Drive. Read the article, and return here to post your response. I am also including an image from the article, credit attributed right to the source in the link. 


Digital Citizenship

I am posting this because it deals with Digital Citizenship but it also demonstrates how SlideRocket works. Access the presentation:

Digital Citizenship

After using the presentation, comment on the points raised about digital citizenship. Also, what did you think about SlideRocket as a presentation tool? You can go to the SlideRocket site to learn more about the features and sign up for an account.

Also, check this ThingLink on Digital Citizenship, and let us know what you think about ThingLink.


Cell Phones in the Classroom

Check this short video, and leave a response.


View more videos at: http://nbcconnecticut.com.

Texting and Driving: Tragedy Waiting to Happen--Get This Message Out to Your Student and Others

I don't ordinary add posts to this blog of this kind, but I could not help but advocate for this message. Every day, I see people texting while driving. This video and accompanying story are a powerful message that needs to be spread. Because it comes from a 16-year-old who faced a near deadly accident while texting and driving, it might well speak to students today. Do you text and drive? Why do you think of people who text and drive? Do you think this video is strong enough to get the message out?

You can find the original story with the video at College Student Drives Off Cliff While Texting, Prophetic Message


Edmodo in the Classroom

I keep hearing great reasons to use Edmodo in the classroom. In this blog post, Pernille Ripp, a 4th-5th grade teacher from Wisconsin, addresses her reason why she uses Edmodo:

5 Reasons Why I Love Using Edmodo in the Classroom.

Do you find her argument convincing enough? What have you heard about Edmodo in the classroom?

Here is a screen shot of an Edmodo page I set up for a class.


Here is a link to access information from the Edmodo site about the use of the tool in the classroom.

Edmodo About

You will find a video aboutr Edmodo on this page:

Edmodo Features

After reviewing the above links for information on Edmodo, would you consider using this tool in your teaching? Do you know teachers using it?

I just found this NBC Education Nation use of Edmodo, which demonstrates how the producers of Edmodo broaden out beyond classroom use for connecting people and sharing ideas. Check out what Brian Williams, of NBC News, is doing through Edmodo. Also, be sure to use the link NBC Education Nation to see how Edmodo is involved.

Global Read Aloud

If you teach elementary school or work with young children, you might want to check out the Global Read Aloud. This year's fall selections are Charlotte's Web and the One and Only Ivan. You can find out more about the Global Read Aloud at this site. Global Read Aloud. 


1001 Free Fonts

Looking for new fonts to spice up your website, publications, instructional materials, etc., check out 1001 Fonts. The fonts are free to download. Have fun browsing. If you download and use any of the fonts, let us know for what purpose and what you think of the site. Here are some screen shots of fonts you'll find at the site. 


Also, note Google Doc now offers tons of fonts to use. You need to access these, and they will be part of your Google font options. Anyone using one of your Google Docs will need to have the font installed on his or her Google account for the selected font to display in the Doc. To learn how to access the fonts, as well as the many templates Google now offers, check this blog post: 

Google Docs boasts 450 new fonts and 60 new templates

Helping Students to Use Google Search

Today, I found an excellent lesson plan about how to teach students to use Google searching well and how to critique websites for credibility. It was on this blog:


The lesson plan was designed to be used with students in the upper elementary grades, but could be used in other grades. The blog post in which I found the lesson plan also has a link to download a comparable lesson plan for younger students.Here is a link to the lesson plan as found on the blog: 3rd to 5th Grade Search Lesson The blog also has a link to download the lesson to Google Doc, which might be a good idea if you want to try to find it later--another advantage to Google Doc.

I suggest reviewing the lesson plan and trying it out with students. Also, note the blog that the plan is on. Its author, Jeff Utecht, promises to post a new lesson plan daily. If you can, follow his blog and also follow him on Twitter. 

Note that when you go to Jeff's blog, there is also a way to follow him on Facebook. This teacher has a lot to share, so stay in touch with his teaching ideas any way that is convenient to you.

After reviewing Jeff's lesson ideas for helping students to be better "consumers" of Google searches, let us know what you think. You might  even try the lesson yourself. Do you have other tips for helping students to make better use of Google to find reliable websites?

12 Awesome Ed Tech Tools for 2012-2013

This is an excellent list and explanation of 12 essential tools teachers should consider implementing in their classrooms. It is offered by Richard Byrne, the author of the well-know blog Free Technology for Teachers. Review the recommended tools and comment upon the ones you use, and ones you would like to explore. Do you agree with Byne's recommendation? Do you think he left out any tool you would include in your list of 12 awesome ed tech tools. (Use the sroll feature to go through the full list.

12 Awesome EdTech Tools for 2012-2013

Just Want to Remind You about Photo Pin

Just want to remind you of the website Photo Pin, where you can find images for your website, blog, or other project. Check out Photo Pin, and remember to insert the code that accompanies the pic to acknowledge its source.

photo credit: ~Sage~ via photo pin cc

Do you think Photo Pin will be a site you will be using? What sites do you use to find images to use in presentations and multimedia that you create? 

Authors Who Skye with Classes and Online Book Clubs


Image: http://www.katemessner.com/authors-who-skype-with-classes-book-clubs-for-free/

Looking for a way to connect your students with the authors of books. Take a look at this post about authors who will Skype with classes. The post also includes ideas for online book clubs. Here is the link to the post: Authors Who Skype with Classes and Online Book Clubs (for free). After exploring the information, leave a comment about your response to what you found on the post.

100 Best Video Sites for Teachers

Check this list of 100 Best Video Sites for Teachers. The list covers general video sites as well as subject area specific sites. Now is the time, early in the school year, to plan what videos fit your curriculum and to plan lessons that integrate them effectively. Lesson ideas are offered on some of the sites as well. 

Image credit: http://edudemic.com/2012/08/best-video-sites-for-teachers/?utm_source=hootsuite&utm_medium=socialmedia

Pros and Cons of Digital Tools in the Hands of Young Children

A topic of constant discussion--should young children be using digital devices, and if so, which ones and for what purpose, and how often. Since we are all concerned with the welfare of young children, I suggest checking this article and letting us know your thoughts.

Pros and Cons of Digital Tools in the Hands of Young Children


A Teacher's Weebly Website

Found an example of a teacher's website with a varierty of resources that you miight want to look into. It's also a good example of web authoring with Weebly. Even you don't use Weebly, you'll find the resources on the site useful.

Me and My Laptop is the name of the site.