Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vokis in the Classroom: Fun Learning Tool for All

Summer is a wonderful time for playing around with websites and software to get ready for the school year. One fun site to explore is Voki where you can create a talking avatar with My Voki.
Here are a few simple ideas one teacher, Susan Oxenvod offered in a blog post: Wikis in the Classroom

Using Vokis with Students:

  • Record a welcome message for incoming students and embed it into your blog, wiki or website.
  • Kick off a contest of some sort, the winning studentse 's prize can be the opportunity to create and publish a Voki.
  • Teach students how to communicate efficiently through oral messages or talking text.
  • Use Vokis in your projects, allowing students the option to communicate a message through a Voki instead of typing bullet points. (again)

As you know, I like playing around with Voki. I created another quick one this morning, and although I will create another one for the start of classes in the fall, I embedded the one I just did. In this case, instead of typing text for one of the characters to speak, I decided to record myself.

Press the play button to start the Voki.


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