Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Teachers Who Use Technology Will Replace Those Who Don't

Do you think it is essential today for teachers to stay current of technology? If they don't, do you believe they will lose out on the job market? Ann Mayer, author of Fried Technology blog, offers some insights into this topic as well as some tips if you're on the job market.

Take a look at her blog post: Fried Resumes, Because Everything is Better Fried.

You might not agree with her, but take some time to review her points. Her ultimate message probably reflects the position she is in as a technology coordinator in a school. Do you believe schools today are ready to recruit top-notch candidates who have technology skills and know-how and realize how to use these skillls in the classroom, or do you believe in the age of standards and assessment mandates, it does not matter as long as teachers can teach to the test? 

In the spirit of sharing and acknowledging Ann, I am using an image she has on her post. She obtained this image from a subscription service and added the text to the image. Reflect on the quotation, and let us know your thoughts. 



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