Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Edmodo in the Classroom

I keep hearing great reasons to use Edmodo in the classroom. In this blog post, Pernille Ripp, a 4th-5th grade teacher from Wisconsin, addresses her reason why she uses Edmodo:

5 Reasons Why I Love Using Edmodo in the Classroom.

Do you find her argument convincing enough? What have you heard about Edmodo in the classroom?

Here is a screen shot of an Edmodo page I set up for a class.


Here is a link to access information from the Edmodo site about the use of the tool in the classroom.

Edmodo About

You will find a video aboutr Edmodo on this page:

Edmodo Features

After reviewing the above links for information on Edmodo, would you consider using this tool in your teaching? Do you know teachers using it?

I just found this NBC Education Nation use of Edmodo, which demonstrates how the producers of Edmodo broaden out beyond classroom use for connecting people and sharing ideas. Check out what Brian Williams, of NBC News, is doing through Edmodo. Also, be sure to use the link NBC Education Nation to see how Edmodo is involved.

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