Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Schools' Response to Social Media May Be Inadequate

This quote is from a high school principal in New Jersey who at one time banned social media in the school and now openly adopts it. Principal Eric Sheninger believes schools need to take responsibility to convey this message to students.

SHENINGER: My piece of advice is, even though you might think it's innocent, it's not that big of a deal, that it's your private and personal information, once you put it on a social media site, it is there for anyone to, not only access, but they can then share that information, they can repurpose it, they can adapt it. Whether it's pictures, videos or your thoughts, it could lead to a potential disaster down the road where you're looking to get into that great college or looking for a job. Once it's archived, it can be accessed and, as we tell our students, that's your digital footprint. Do you want your digital footprint to be positive or negative going forward?

Here is a link to read the full transcript of an interview with Sheninger: 

Don't Trip Over Your Digital Footprint

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