Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ooVoo Worked Better Than Skype

Today, I did a four-way video chat, with three elementary school classes, and I was the 4th. It worked perfectly. I could clearly see the classes, and we all heard each other with no problems. I am including a picture of the computer screen so you can see that four screens were on at once. There is also a shot showing the teachers who logged in for the chat.



I liked the ease with which all locations could be shown on all of our computer screens. The students were really excited. The classes involved in the project, and there will be more than three, will be writing a collective Halloween story using their blogs. They will then celebrate in a final Halloween ooVoo chat. What a great way for students to connect in different locations. At least two of the schools are in Connecticut, and two are in Canada, in language immersion schools, where they learn in both English and French.

Would you ever be willing to do a multiple site video chat with other classes in your teaching? What benefits do you think students can gain?

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