Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blogging Assignment Engages Students



On this KidBlog post, the teacher, Mrs. Petersen sets up a perfect learning opportunity for her students to write blog post replies based not only on a piece of literature, The Outsiders, but also for them to write thoughtful reples. Take a look at how she has organized the assignment, introducing blogging as another medium for students to expresss themselves. There are lots of innovative teaching and learning opportunities here. Be sure to check the comments the students wrote, and if you have read The Outsiders in your own schooling, you'll also enjoy the two embedded videos. But most of all, note how the students are responding in their blog posts. How is education shifting if this kind of activity is happening in the classroom? Would you be willing to try blogging with your students? Would you consider structuring a similar assignment for your students, per the grade level or subject area?
Need to Breathe Song – The Outsider

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