Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Teaching in the Age of Siri

Siri on the iPhone and similar kinds of technology allow anyone to ask a question and get a spoken and visual response. If this technology keeps evolving and students can get the answers to questions posed to them by teachers or found on assignment sheets or quizzes, what does this capability mean for teaching and learning?

Today, I read a post, Teaching in the Age of Siri that really caught my attention. The example offered is of Siri answering complex math questions. Yes, the technology can do this. Take a look at the post for yourself. Here is a quick display of a smartphone answer to a math question, but the principle applies to any discipline and to any age group of learners. This example just happened to be posted by a math teacher.



Please come back and post your responses about what this kind of technology means for the future of education?

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