Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Are You Looking to Get Students to Read More? Check Out Destiny Quest

Disney Quest is a way for students to share ideas about reading books, to tell about the books tthey are reading, and to find out about other books of interest to them recommended by their peers. Check out the Disney Quest website to learn more about how the process learns.


I learned about Disney Quest in this blog post that Bill Ferriter wrote: Why Kids Need Goodreads. Bill was once Teacher of the Year in his state, and his opinions are highly vallued. You might want to follow him on Twitter (@plugusin) or browse through his blog after you read his post WWhy Kids Need Goodreads.

Do you agree that students need to be reading more? Do you believe a site like Disney Quest would work? Would you recommend this site to a school librarian or to a teacher? Would you use it? By the way, do you use any book sharing sites like GoodReads?

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